Sewing Machine Repairs Toowoomba

Sewing Machine Servicing Toowoomba

Sewing Machine Repairs and Servicing

We understand the importance of keeping your sewing machine in tip-top condition. We are experienced in servicing your machines and also performing or arranging repairs for you.

Sewing Machine Servicing Toowoomba

At Sew Handy we can service your machines and keep them functioning well. Preventative maintenance helps avoid unexpected breakdowns and enables your machine to give optimal performance while you complete your sewing projects.

Our knowledgeable staff can also advise you on the best high-quality parts for your machine. Whether it’s a foot, bobbin or other accessory, we can find the correct spare part for you.

Contact us to get your sewing machine serviced today.

Sewing Machine Repair Toowoomba
Overlocker Repairs Toowoomba

Sewing Machine Repairs Toowoomba

If your sewing machine is faulty, we can arrange professional repairs for a wide variety of brands and machine models.

Simple sewing machine issues such as replacing broken needles and tension issues can usually be fixed on-site. If the issue is more complex, we can arrange for a specialised repairer to fix your machine.

Performing these repairs as soon as they are needed will get your machine back into top working condition so that your sewing projects can continue unhindered! It can also prevent your sewing machine from developing more expensive and difficult issues to repair.

Call as at Sew Handy so that we can organise to repair your machine as soon as possible… and so that you can keep going with your next sewing project!

Call us on 07 4632 1257 to find out more about repairs

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